Medifly srl is an organization founded on the experience of its own staff. The experience accrued year after year in the field of plastic material processing industry starts in 1975. The market segments we are dealing with are very wide, and specifically:

Production of TUBES and SPIRAL TUBES

We produce tubes in Polyurethane, Polyamide RILSAN PA12, Polyamide PA12 PHL, Polyamide RILSAN PA11, Polyamide PA11 PHL, Polyamide Nylon PA6, Polyethylene PELD & PEMD, COPEY™ PA Superflex & Trs, PU-ALLOY™, PU-ALLOY™ Soft, TRIFLY RAY™, PA-ALLOY™ 12.6, PTFE (Teflon), PVDF (Kynarflex), PP, PVC, ACCUAFLY™, ALDILA’ BIOFLY™ etc.
The main sectors covered are:

  • TECHNICAL sector (tubes and spiral tubes for pneumatic, industry, automotive, agriculture, hydraulics, painting, etc..)
  • FOOD sector
  • BEVERAGE sector
  • MILK sector (milk transport and vacuum line)
  • DENTAL sector (tubes for connecting air and water between the dentist’s armchair and the patient)
  • MEDICAL AREA (mono-layer, co-extruded, three-layers tubes, twin tubes, tubes with colored line, tubes supplied in reels, in cut version, etc..)

Production of MEDICAL DEVICES with CE marking

The categories of medical devices that we realize can be summarized in the following families:

  • Suction systems (suction tubes and cannulas)
  • Urine collection systems (bags and urinometers)
  • Thoracic drainage systems (bottles, tubes, complete systems and paracentesis / thoracentesis bags)
  • Infusion systems (deflators and extensions)
  • Post-operative drainage systems (closed and non-closed device, catheter and trocar)

Production of mould COMPONENTS for medical sector

Production of TUBULAR for the medical / pharmaceutical sector, for the production of bags

The types of materials used for making the tubular are PVC DOP, PVC NO DOP and EVA, available in various sizes with 120 – 180 – 200 – 240 – 260 – 270 – 305 – 320 – 420 – 450 – 500 mm, With smooth, striped, satin surface.

Our strengths

The productions are realized in two clean rooms: the first is dedicated to the production of tubes (ISO 7 class) and the second is dedicated for the production of medical devices (ISO 8 class).

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Estrusione tubo
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Product and system certifications attest to the quality of our products and our quality management system. The production environment conforms to ISO requirements, and production controls ensure the quality and safety of our medical devices.

All medical devices are CE marked, the quality system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485/2012.

Medifly has focused its own points of force in

The quality of the product supplied because they are placed on the market only after the passing of all the physical, mechanical and eventual micro-biological controls to release the products in accordance with the quality standards specified

The quality of the offered services is destined to meet every kind of requirement and it is supported by prompt decisions and quick deliveries

The peculiar technical experience in the field is at our customers’ disposal for the accomplishment of new products and equipments

The consultancy about the normative chart of the involved fields is at our customers’ disposal for the realization of innovative and special projects

Our staff is organised and careful and works every day to create the necessary synergy to allow the operations of the “Company machine”.

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