Restricted Access

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INFORMATIVE about the personal data treatment.

1. Premise
According to the art. 13 of D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 – “Code about personal data protection” (following called “Code”), MEDIFLY SRL, in the person of the legal representative Battistelli Ida, is Titular of the treatment of the personal data, must furnish you information regarding the use of your personal data. 
The treatment of your data needs your consent.

2. Source of the personal data 
The collection of your personal data is effected recording the data that you will provide, in quality of interested.

3. Finality of the treatment 
The personal data are treated for the following finalities: 
a) the execution of consequential obligations from a contract of which you are part or to carry out, before the execution of the contract, to your specific requests; 
b) the fulfilment of law obligations connected civil norms, rules, community normative; 
c) the clientele's management; 
d) the management of the possible contentious; 
e) to realize direct investigations to verify the satisfaction level of the consumers about the offered or requested services. 
f) to assign the user name and the password to allow the access at the restricted area of the web site. 
g) sending of advertising information to those people who are member of the restricted area, with previous consent, related to the products of your interest. 
We specify that the "restricted area" was been created to comply to the D.Lgs n. 46/97 and following adjournments and integrations that regulates the promotion and the advertising of the medical devices.

4. Modality of treatment of the data
Regarding to the described finalities, the treatment of the personal data happens through manual, informatic and telematic tools with correlated logics tightly to the finalities above underlined and, however, in the way to guarantee the safety and the reservation of the data. 
Carried out the preset finalities, the data will be cancelled or turned into anonymous form.

5. Optionality of the conferement of the data
The conferment of the data is optional, and without it, it won't be possible to carry out to the finalities described to the point 3 ("Finality of the treatment").

6. Categories of subjects to which the data can be communicated or that can come to knowledge of the data as Responsible or person in charge 
According to the anticipated finality they can come to knowledge of your data our partners and dependent authorized, as person in charge, to treat the data for the pursuit of the aforesaid finalities. 
Your data won't be diffused.

7. Rights of the interested
Finally, we inform you that the normative in object about the protection of the personal data confers to the parties the possibility to practice specific rights, in base to what is indicated in the art. 7 of the "Code" reported below: 
1. the interested has the right to get the confirmation of the existence or not of the personal data that concern himself, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligent form. 
2. the interested has the right to get the indication about: 
- the origin of the personal data; 
- the finalities and formality of the treatment; 
- the logic applied in case of treatment effected with the aid of electronic tools;
- the identified data of the holder, of the persons responsible and of the designate representative in the territory of the State, of persons responsible or person in charge. 
3. the interested has the right to get:
- the updating, the rectification or, when interested has the interest, the integration of the data; 
- the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the treated data in violation of law, inclusive those of which not the maintenance is necessary in relationship to the purposes for which the data have been picked or subsequently treated; 
- the attestation that the operations of the points above indicated have been suited to knowledge, also as it regards their content, of those people to which the data have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case in which such fulfilment reveals him impossible or it openly behaves an employment of means disproportionate in comparison to the protected right. 
4. the interested has the right to oppose himself, in everything or partly: 
- for legitimate motives to the treatment of the personal data that concern him, and pertinent to the purpose of the collection; 
- at the treatment of personal data that concern him for the purpose of the sending of advertising material or direct sale or for the conclusion of searches of market or commercial communication.

8. Titular and Responsible of the treatment
MEDIFLY SRL in the person of the legal representative Battistelli Ida, is Titular of the treatment of the personal data about the present invormative.

The requests of the art. 7 of the Code paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 can be also formulated orally.